At some point the dolphins

by Sofia Cappello

  • Artist

    Sofia Cappello

  • Title

    At some point the dolphins

  • Year


  • Technique

    Installation (40m fabric)

The objective boundary does not exist.
The laws to defend it, however, are uncompromising and take shape in more than objective obstacles. In fact, to firmly defend something that doesn't exist, it's necessary to use the language of authoritarian power, which in turn feeds on fear and intolerance and then spreads through habituation. It must therefore be remembered that the physical dimension of this boundary is simply nature: water, earth, and air; and these three elements remain unchanged beyond the division. The contrast between the material aspect of the earth and the evanescence of the political concept of the barrier, which is then ridiculed, becomes evident. Materiality compromises-imposed rules and ideologies, every human history that has survived the imposed order highlights the mediocrity of the attempt to prevent what is unavoidable. The political border, therefore, as a forcing of what is physical, employs all forces to maintain its own order, yet, stained with blood, it does not win in the face of the natural entropy of human migration.